From Monet to Matisse: Art’s Greatest Works

Monet To Matisse 1040Px

The National Gallery has proudly celebrated its 200th anniversary, marking two centuries of curating and showcasing some of the world's most treasured artworks. In honour of this milestone, we have curated a special collection of timeless and iconic art throughout time.

From Monet to Matisse, art has a unique way of captivating audiences across generations with both its beauty and innovation. There are certain masterpieces that have remain steadfast in their relevance and appeal. They are more than just paintings; they are windows into the souls of the artists who created them, and mirrors reflecting the cultural and historical contexts of their times. Among our vast collection of artworks, we have curated a collection of iconic art that has left a mark on the world for their profound impact and enduring legacy.

Through their unique styles and techniques, the artists in this curation have captured the essence of their subjects, whether through Monet's delicate brushstrokes, or Turner's masterful use of light. Or through Klimt's ornate patterns, Van Gogh's expressive swirls, or Matisse's vibrant cut-outs - each piece invites us to see the world through the eyes of genius. Each of these offer us a timeless connection to the past while also continuing to influence contemporary art and culture.