Matt Roseveare

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About the artist

Matt started taking photographs of nature when he was 10 years old on a family camera and ever since then, has grown to love nature and especially the wildlife within nature.

Growing up in the New Forest National Park, Matt spent most of his teens and early twenties exploring and taking photos on his doorstep. He won the British Wildlife Photography Award in the 12-18 year old category in 2017 and is currently working in the Natural History Television industry based in Bristol. With every free moment he gets, he returns to the New Forest to continue taking photographs.

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My 'Wild Woods' curation

Forests and woodlands are places of enchantment and beauty. For centuries, humans have been drawn to them for shelter, food and exploration; maybe this explains why an image of a forest can be so enticing.

I have spent endless days wandering in the wild woods of the British countryside. A long walk through the dark cover of an ancient forest is one of the most pure and relaxing experiences that nature can provide. 

Visually, forests can appear untidy; finding beauty in the rustic criss-cross of sticks, branches and foliage is often a challenge for those trying to capture this environment. But it is this challenge that makes it a little bit more special when you produce the perfect image.

The images I have picked for this curation take the viewer deep into the mystical world of the forest. As you look through the trees you may feel lost for a moment, but with a few more paces you will always find your way.

Matt's selected works