Angular Abstracts

Angular Abstracts 1040Px

Abstraction abandons the confines of realism and representation and instead uses expression in shape, colour, and form to create engaging art that provokes a visceral emotional response. This kind of formless form plays with perception and, with an overt meaning often just out of reach, prioritises the viewer’s own interpretation and response. Abstract art is inherently forward thinking, sometimes reminiscent of technology yet to be invented and inextricably linked to scientific studies like colour theory, it is endlessly innovative. 

This compelling collection includes iconic artists like the complex colours of Klee or Valmier or the musical lyricism of Kandinsky and also more modern takes like photography of urban architecture. Whether sharp corners or curved edges, the structural geometry in this collection has plenty of interesting texture and depth to pore over as well as an equally interesting bigger picture. 

Whatever you see in these angular abstracts, this bold collection is full of vitality and intrigue, well beyond the bounds of representation.