Artist Studies

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An artist’s study is often a key part of the artistic process. It is an early drawing, sketch, or painting to practise, prepare, and gain a better understanding of all the problems an artist could encounter when depicting the subject, from light to perspective, to form. With simple sketches, striking line work and intriguing colour swatches, this is a classic collection of studies, elegant and refined in their simplicity. 

To suit both modern and contemporary styles, this collection features a balanced blend from urban landscapes to rural seascapes, minimal and sparse lines to maximalist pencilled detail, from the natural, to the man-made, to man itself.

These studies with a wide diversity of subject matters, including botany, buildings, and ballerinas, are just as interesting as they are artistically insightful. With simple palettes, neutral tones and incredible detail this is a traditional yet timeless collection; this artwork is dainty but not dated. 

Don’t just trust the process. Find the beauty in it.