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From the stress relieving properties of cloud watching to pareidolia, finding meaning in the meaningless, to the religious and celestial connotations, clouds have never failed to fascinate us. Billowing clouds stretching across the sky often feature in art not only because they are aesthetically pleasing but also because they can be a key motif in a technical artistic sense. Cloudscapes can be used as a display of the artist’s skill and grasp of chiaroscuro, as pathetic fallacy for narrative purposes, or even as context for scale and location.

Alongside the amorphous, shapeshifting beauty of cloudscapes, this sublime collection shows the true skill and talent of the artists who create these pieces. Featuring John Constable’s ‘skying’, his many studies of clouds to better understand weather and atmospheric changes,  and Monet, whose cloud portraits demonstrate his notorious fascination with light and how it is broken up throughout the day. This collection also includes evocative photography, from sunset to sunrise, black and white, seascapes to landscapes. 

With portraiture and photography that feature clouds at both their dreamiest and most dramatic, this collection of cloudscapes are just as fascinating as the real thing.