Female Form

Female Form 1040Px

The female form in art has a long history, from ancient artwork to classic nudes of Greco-Roman sculpture and the Renaissance, and even the performance art of the 1960s and 70s which physically used the female body. Many of the most expensive paintings ever sold feature the female form, often nude, as a subject. A study by the Guerrilla girls in 1989 pointed out that women were far more likely to feature in the Met Museum as a nude instead of as an artist. Even today, in spite of the years of growth and huge progress, the female body is still policed, criticised and exploited.

These prints are chic but not cheeky, daring but not dirty, bodacious not bawdy, voluptuous not vulgar, stunning not scandalous and prove that bodies, and in particular the female form, do not exist solely to be titillating nor should they be taboo. This collection celebrates that bodies themselves are works of art; they are map of who we are, who we have been and who we could be. They are history, present and potential incarnate and they’re a testament to what we’re capable of.

Inspired by the recent homeware trend featuring the female form, from candles and vases to neon signs and tote bags, this collection is a tribute to the fantastic female form, reframed and reclaimed.