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Both Japanese and Scandinavian design share a focus on simplicity, functionality, craftsmanship and natural materials. Japandi, therefore, seems to be a match made in heaven, fusing the characteristics of authentic Japanese and Scandi aesthetics. The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi appreciates the imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent beauty in the world around us. The asymmetry and roughness of wabi-sabi balances perfectly with the homely comforts of Scandinavian hygge, which emphasises the everyday experience of cosy contentment.

This collection features a seamless union of both aesthetics, working in tandem, to create the timeless tranquillity of Japandi style. The emphasis on space and light as well as the naturalistic flow and organic textures key to both Japanese and Scandi design is evident in these artworks. With homages to both suiboku-ga (traditional Japanese ink wash paintings) and the cutout-esque motifs of Scandinavian folk art there are both clean lines and imperfect brushstrokes.

Our collection combines the best of both Japanese and Scandinavian design proving that Japandi is far more than a fun portmanteau.