Re Memphis Banner 1040Px

This instantly recognisable style was started in Milan in the 80s by the Memphis group, which was a collective of artists who all shared a mutual dislike of minimalism and modern styles, instead creating a kind of postmodern maximalism. In the age of graphic design, retro furniture, as well as the recent turn towards curated maximalism and away from corporate beige minimalism, it is unsurprising that the Memphis pop style has resurged but reinvigorated with a slightly more contemporary twist.

Inspired by Art-Deco, pop-art, kitsch and terrazzo, this joyous style is fundamentally rebellious, perfectly balancing cheerful with subversive, playful with punchy. Paying homage to Memphis’ rejection of traditional or expected shapes and angular, this distinctly unserious collection features segmented geometry, optical illusions and wavy wiggles reminiscent of the iconic bacterio print. With plenty of personality-filled patterns and clashing colours, this collection is artfully haphazard and unabashedly fun.