Tangible Textures

Tangible Textures Banner 1040Px

There’s a magnificent and often intangible quality to artisanal and handcrafted art that remind the viewer of the human influence intrinsic to its very formation; visible brushstrokes that show the artist’s presence, closing the gap between the artwork and the hands that created it. These tangible textures emphasise how distinctly human art can be, revealing the cultivated technique and unique expression that goes into each piece of work, so full of feeling, history, and emotion.

This contemplative collection balances of negative space and rich texture, simplicity and tactile complexity, with intermingling shapes overlapping and overlaying each other. Playing with light and weight, as well as depth, dimension, and detail, these handcrafted artworks are both energetic and contemplative. Featuring freehand brushstrokes, gestural and full of movement these prints are perfectly imperfect and uniquely expressive.