Walk on the Wild Side

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There has long been a fascination with exotic animals in art, with paintings of captive exotic animals which had been relocated to menageries beginning to emerge in the early eighteenth century. With the advances in technology like cameras and travel, seeing exotic animals is more accessible now than ever. Just as in the eighteenth century, many people now still will never have the opportunity to see these animals in real life, however, in art now we are able to see them in the wild, in their natural habitats and with their natural behaviours.

Get up close and personal with some powerful predators and gentle giants with this adventurous collection of wild animals. Featuring dramatic photography of breath-taking beasts and awe-inspiring animals camouflaged by rich and interesting patterns and textures and bright paintings of macaws and toucans, full of vibrant feathers and cheeky grins. Walk on the wild side and wonder at the majesty and the vitality of these incredible animals.